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Hi! My name is Brittany Evans, the owner of Canine’s House of Nutrition. I currently reside in Wernersville, PA with my two soul-dogs, Diesel and Ezra. Diesel is a six-year-old German Shepherd and Ezra is a two-year-old Black Lab and Collie mix. In our free time, we enjoy being outdoors on the lake or on the mountain. Outside of spending time with my dogs, I enjoy studying and practicing the art of healing through plant based medicine and energy work. I am on the journey to become a certified Reiki master!

There could be many reasons why you’re here at Canine’s House of Nutrition: your dog(s) are experiencing health issues, you’re interested in transitioning your dog(s) diet and/or holistic path, or you’re already on a raw or home-cooked diet and are interested in more information or support. All of these reasons and more can be answered here or through our communication. As we travel on this journey together, I would encourage you to read Ezra’s story below to better understand how my own experiences and passions created Canine’s House of Nutrition!

Ezra's Story

I rescued my black lab mix, Ezra, when she was 4 months old. She was in a neglectful foster situation that left her riddled with fleas, mange, intestinal parasites, worms, a dry, flaky coat, malnourished and underweight. She immediately went on medication to clear her illnesses. I was still feeding kibble at the time, but she gained some much-needed weight and was seemingly doing well. However, two months later, Ezra started excessively itching her chest and stomach and got an infection. The vet said she had environmental allergies and put her on an immunosuppressant.

At 6 months old, the vet told me that Ezra would be on this drug for the rest of her life. When I asked him about the side effects, which included cancer and tumors, his response was “we will cross that bridge when we come to it.” This was the turning point for me. Not wanting this to be Ezra's future, I switched my dogs to a raw diet and homeopathic remedies, and started slowly decreasing her medicine over the next couple of months until I stopped altogether. My dogs are now living a healthy life due to their nutritionally complete diet of organic, whole foods and added supplements.

Like most people in life, I waited until there was a noticeable health problem with my dog, Ezra, until I took her health seriously. It can take years for health issues to come to the surface. Health starts in the gut and at the cellular level. Environmental influence, including the diet, plays a role in the dog’s gene expression, which can be altered to either promote health within the body, or illness.

Much like my dogs, I allowed myself to become nutritionally depleted and diagnosed with a variety of health issues. My body reached a breaking point and I decided we all needed change. Through various support systems, I found my passion: helping others and their canine companions through holistic approaches and energy work that respects the body and soul.  My goal is to educate people on canine nutrition and how important it is to be proactive in our dog’s health to decrease illness in the future and allow them to thrive.



Consultation...................First Free!
     Over the Phone......................$25
      In Person...............................$50
Meal Planning.............$50 and up
Raw or home cooked rotational recipes to meet your dog’s nutritional requirements
Or enhance kibble with superfoods, providing wholesome nutrients and hydration
Supplementation / herbal recommendations based on your dogs needs
Meal Prepping............$100 and up
Recipes created with sourced organic meats, produce and supplements, and meals prepped for each day into individual freezer safe containers
Homemade Products for Purchase:
Organic Herbal Remedies
Organic Bone Broth
Seasonal Organic Veggie Mix
Organic Golden Paste
Organic Dehydrated Treats
Organic Seasonal Treats

Why a Wholesome Diet?

When I say whole food or wholesome diet, I mean unprocessed meats, vegetables, fruits, functional carbohydrates and herbs that all work in tandem to meet the dog’s nutritional requirements. Why?

  • Commercial dog food is highly processed from sources that are indistinguishable. It is deficient in required nutrients, contains chemicals and additives, and made up of synthetic vitamins and minerals. Commercial dog food, also, promotes factory farming.

  • Wholesome diets can be sourced ethically and promote local organic farmers. They do not contain chemicals, pesticides, GMOs, or come from animals that were treated with antibiotics.

  • Wholesome diets are unprocessed, so the nutrition of each food goes right to the cellular level, which promotes health within the body and a strong immune system that naturally protects against viruses and bacteria.

  • Better food provides healthier energy and reduces inflammation.


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